A Very Happy Maker’s Father’s Day

I’m a book junkie.  I’m sure most of us Makers are. We’re innately interested in hacking our learning, obtaining new skills, and putting them to use.  So this past Father’s Day, I was super happy to receive a couple of books that my family got for me.


I’m excited to read all of these – they all look great.  The bottom two, however, look most interesting.  I have both a son (7 years old) and a daughter (turning 6 this week!).  Both are interested in the various things that I make, but it’s rare that they actually want to dig in and help.  The “Maker Dad” book in particular is something I’m really excited about going through because it caters specifically to Father/Daughter making. My son is very analytical and methodical and my daughter is very artsy and girlie (she’s the left-handed one).  So I feel that even though my son and I don’t make a lot of things together right now, it’s inevitable that he’ll become more interested in it and will be working alongside me. I’m not so sure about my daughter, though.  So I’m hoping that going through some of the stuff in “Maker Dad” will spark her interest in making.

There’s one project in “Maker Dad” that I think we’ll start with… maybe even this weekend after the birthday fun dies down – the giant bubble wand:


I can’t wait!


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